Quantum Neurological Reset Therapy: A Cutting-Edge Modality to Support Your Wellness

If you’ve ever wondered why you want to eat well, but continue to get derailed, let me explain. I built my practice around my passion of supporting people who are stuck in this exact rut. We certainly aren’t lacking enough “how to” information in our culture. So clearly it’s not a lack of information around […]

Woman in a bath

What Self Care REALLY Is!

A client shared this blog post with me and I couldn’t resist sharing it with you. It helped her to get clear on what we’ve been talking about in session which is not eating through her emotional discomfort/problems, but instead, learning how to care for herself in a way that feels great so she doesn’t […]

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What does Your Body have to Say?

Your body has LOTS of opinions. ‘She’ (or he) has certain foods she enjoys. She has different types of movement she prefers such as hiking in nature or maybe taking a yoga class. Learning to tune into your unique body is profoundly helpful if you’d like to learn how to take better care of ‘her’. […]

Bodhi and Maggie Christopher

A Glimpse into a Client’s Experience

I’d like to give you a glimpse into a client’s experience while working with me. This client allowed me to anonymously use her email for the purpose of sharing more about this work. Each client’s journey is unique because each person’s relationship with food is unique. This may not be your story, but it will give you […]

The Connection of Trauma & Illness

One of the reasons I chose to become a licensed therapist was because I knew there was an intimate link between trauma and illness. Please know that ‘trauma’ has a wide spectrum, meaning it could be a parent not being attentive to their child’s needs or it could be subtle verbal abuse or violent physical abuse. […]

Sample Program Material

I thought it might be helpful for you to read an excerpt from the program binder that you would receive as part of your 4-month program. This sample material will give you a better understanding of the work so that you can decide if this approach is a good fit for you. Why You’ve Invested in this Program […]

Tangible Steps for Building a Healthier Life

This article by Experience Life Magazine is excellent! It offers many valuable resources on improving your health. And what you’ll notice is that health encompasses much more than eating well and exercising. The “Skills and Know-How” section is a great way to access where you are currently with many important aspects of your health.  

Your Needs and Desires Matter

When someone starts a diet (which I don’t recommend), they focus on what they can’t have. That usually doesn’t feel very good. I’d like to offer a unique, effective, loving approach to upgrading the way you eat. Start to notice what you want more of in your life and give yourself that. Sound dangerous? Well […]

Sugar Cravings

Food is Medicine

My Mom recently heard this interview on Minnesota Public Radio and called me to let me know I had to listen to it. I’m so glad I did. This podcast features Mark Hyman, director of the Cleveland Clinic Center for functional medicine, James Gordon, executive director of the Center for Mind-Body Medicine at the Georgetown […]

Sassy Spoon Restaurant

I came across a restaurant that serves naturally raised, local meat, whole fats AND everything they offer is gluten-free, so I had to share! Sassy Spoon, located in the Nokomis neighborhood of Minneapolis, is a gem! My husband and I ate there yesterday and ordered the turkey meatballs and yucca patties….absolutely mouthwatering and delicious!! I […]