Real Food. Real Results.

Do you have a good sense of how to eat well, but you’re baffled at why you continue to be on a roller coaster with food? Have you noticed how life’s challenges and your emotions derail your honest attempts at healthy eating?

Receive guidance from a therapist to discover, untangle and heal your relationship with yourself and food. At the same time, receive step-by-step support with introducing delicious, satisfying whole foods that promote health and weight loss.

My practice is currently full and unfortunately I’m not able to take NEW CLIENTS at this time. If you’ve seen me in the past, you’re welcome to schedule an appointment.

I added QNRT to my practice in 2019 and there’s been a huge demand for it. As soon as I am only a month or two booked out, I’ll open my practice again to new clients. If you’d like to be on the waiting list, please email me at and I’ll contact you as soon as I’m able to see new clients.

Thank you for your patience and I hope we get the chance to meet!