QNRT area in Maggie’s office

Does your past still have a grip on you after all of these years?

Have you invested in talk-level therapy only to find that you can’t seem to untangle from the pain of your past? Do you often find yourself triggered and reactive to situations in your life? Do you look at your life and feel confused why you still don’t feel happy and fulfilled?

This is often the past showing up in your present, and I understand how frustrating and painful this can feel.

The latest trauma research shows that traumatic stress from a wide-range of difficult events and situations are stored in the body. What this tells us is that trauma can’t simply be healed by talk-level therapy alone. Therapy is extremely helpful in understanding how your past is currently affecting you, but it doesn’t remove the effects of the trauma. Do you feel like you don’t have any trauma? I invite you to discover what events and situations can be defined as trauma (link coming soon!).

To better understand the importance of healing your past, let me share two quotes from Dr. Bruce Lipton:

“We live our lives 95% based on our subconscious beliefs.”

What is fascinating to understand about this quote is that trauma, defined as a deeply disturbing or distressing situation or event, plays a significant role in creating painful and troublesome subconscious beliefs – beliefs which can sound like: ”I’m not loveable.” “I can’t get my needs met.” “I’ll never find a partner.” You get the idea. Ouch.

His second quote is:

“The function of the mind is to create a coherence between our subconscious beliefs and the reality of our world.”

Oh goodness, this can be a real problem! For example, if a person believes they are not worthy of love, they will unconsciously behave in a way that will make others not want to be loving towards them. Or they will continue to attract people into their life who trigger their feelings of unworthiness.

Life is a deeply spiritual, fascinating journey to experience. QNRT resets help you begin to understand and untangle the situations, events, and patterns that have shaped your life. I’m always fascinated by the events in people’s lives that have deeply shaped them. Interestingly enough, most clients are totally unaware of much of their trauma because they simply labeled it as “not a big deal” at the time it happened. Perhaps a friend group suddenly rejected you one day at school or you got caught doing something you shouldn’t have been doing as a child and were scolded harshly. Events like these can stay with us and unknowingly shape how we show up in the world.

The QNRT reset is done with a trained therapist using a brilliant protocol that releases the trauma from your body without emotionally flooding or overwhelming you. You don’t need to relive the past event or feel re-traumatized. You are only in the emotions for 20 minutes or less with my constant, nurturing support.

I see many people who have spent time understanding their past and therefore assume it should no longer affect them. This is not the case. A critical step to healing the effects of a difficult situation is a body-based healing tool like QNRT. When you leave a QNRT session, your brain will be actively developing a new neural pathway. Think of this as a new street in your brain that will give you the ability to show up differently in life.

In this way, healing through QNRT is like putting a puzzle together. It will finally make sense why you behave and attract certain people and situations. It’s a powerful tool to discover your authentic self, which is waiting for you, totally intact underneath the stored pain. Far too often we think we are innately flawed, but this isn’t the case! If you have the courage to do QNRT and remove the traumatic stress, you’ll gain a life-changing realization: you aren’t flawed; you were simply carrying a lot of pain.

My clients feel more empowered, calm, present, grounded, confident, peaceful, open-hearted, playful and joyful. They also feel more connected and secure in their relationships. They become more discerning of what they want in their lives. I also regularly see clients declutter their lives in powerful ways. If they are part of my 4-month nutrition program, they find it’s much easier to follow through on my recommendations.

Dr. Turner is the founder of QNRT and he defines it as:

“QNRT™ is a proprietary protocol designed to initiate a quantum (quantifiable, significant) shift in the nervous system by resetting the brain’s response to emotional triggers for both past and present emotional trauma and stress.”

QNRT is easy and painless. The protocol is done with a cold, hand-held laser and kinesiology. The client stands for a short portion of the session and sits for the rest. I’ll do several minutes of testing which will reveal specific emotions, an age and details from a past event or situation. It’s helpful to understand that your body will decide what stress to release. You can feel safe knowing that the body is brilliant and you can trust its wisdom. Clients don’t present at their first session with their most difficult, past traumatic stress. The body will create a pace of healing that does not overwhelm you.

Because I’m also a psychotherapist, we’ll do talk-level therapy around the topic that presents so that you feel heard, understood and supported. You’ll be able to put powerful language around the pain you experienced and how it shaped your life. And most importantly, you’ll be able to write a statement about how you want to show up in a healthier, more empowered way in your life. The last part of the 60-minute session is the actual resetting of your brain and nervous system. You will immediately notice a shift and will feel calmer around the presenting situation. A reset takes 3-5 days to fully settle in the body.

Healing is a journey, not an event, so I recommend people invest in 12 sessions and then notice how they feel. At that time, you’ll have a sense if QNRT has created your desired shift or if you want to do more healing. There is an end to QNRT – it doesn’t continue indefinitely.

You are so much more loveable and loving, capable, calm, strong and heart-centered than you know. Release the chains of your past and rediscover yourself.

Getting started is easy. I offer a free, 60-minute QNRT Consultation which will give us the chance to get to know one another and you can ask any questions about QNRT to see if it’s the right fit for you.