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The Connection of Trauma & Illness

One of the reasons I chose to become a therapist was because I knew there was an intimate link between trauma and illness. Please know that ‘trauma’ has a wide spectrum, meaning it could be a parent not being attentive to their child’s needs or it could be subtle verbal abuse or violent physical abuse. It’s a situation or experience that interrupts your sense of worthiness and trust in the world. This article will help you connect the dots with how trauma and illness are connected.

I notice in my practice that people often feed and care for themselves based on how they feel about themselves. For example, if a person does not feel worthy, they probably are not going to prioritize their self care.

Know that when you work with me you get the whole package…you get not only excellent knowledge and support around whole foods eating but also tender, gentle care around your past traumas and emotional challenges that keep you stuck in a rut and not able to improve your health.

Trauma can be healed. Getting support can be a first step in living a more joy-filled, healthy life.


Childhood trauma leads to lifelong chronic illness — so why isn’t the medical community helping patients?


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