QNRT Support Group

Although some people love joining groups, others run the other direction. As an introvert, I understand why some people hesitate to attend a group meeting. However, a group can be powerful for your healing because it provides something that 1:1 support does not. Community.

Groups offer connection with others who are going through similar growth and challenges. You have the chance to learn from others as well as feel heard, understood and validated.

QNRT has been around 10+ years but still feels new in the healing community. You might not feel comfortable talking with your friends or family about your QNRT experiences because they wouldn’t understand, but members in this group will be able to support and encourage you.

In order to belong to this group, attendees need to have completed at least 6 QNRT resets, be far enough along in healing their trauma and be actively using this healing modality so that they can share their experiences and insights with the group.

Group Details:

Cost: FREE

Who is Invited?: Men and women who are current clients, have completed 6 resets and are scheduled for additional resets.

Where: My Office or Carondelet Center (Location to be determined based on size of group)

When: 5 times a year, on a Wednesday from 6:15pm – 7:30pm

RSVP: This is required for meeting attendance. I need to know the size of the group in advance.

2020 Dates: September 23, November 18

How to Join? I’ll reach out to you with an invitation as the next meeting date approaches.