Recommended Practitioners

There have been many local, talented holistic practitioners who have helped me improve my health. Here are some of my favorites!

Andy Stella – Heal Concussions

Dr. Andy Stella was trained as a chiropractor and then was introduced to matrix repatterning and found his calling. He’s passionate about bringing this unique, effective technique to people with injuries from a fall, including concussions. He has helped people who could not function in their daily life, due to a concussion, regain their life back. He is a man of integrity.

Anne Murphy – Celebrant

Anne Murphy helps individuals and families navigate the loss of a loved one. She is educated on the many unique options for celebrating someone’s life and creating a green burial if that’s their wish. Anne is tender-hearted, wise and experienced. She also facilitates ceremonies for people who want to mark special occasions in their life. I held a ceremony to celebrate my new office space and it is something I will always remember.

Damon Coyne – Reduce EMFs & Feng Shui Consultant

I can’t thank Damon enough for making our entire home low in electromagnetic fields (EMF’s). He made extensive changes in our home to make it energetically healthier and more peaceful. He and his wife Cathy are also talented and knowledgeable in feng shui. I noticed such a positive shift in the energy of our home after implementing the changes they recommended. Damon is a certified building biologist.

Eric Christopher – Deep Emotional Healing

Yes, this is my dear husband so my explanation of his work might be a bit biased. He was born to be a spiritual healer and it is his life’s work. He offers deep, healing, emotional work in his sessions. But instead of me bragging about his work, you can visit his website and read what his clients are saying.

Meredith McCowan – Astrologer

Heather is a gifted astrologer. When I suggest that one of my clients see her, they come back amazed at how she put language to their experience of life. They find the information profoundly helpful and healing. Additionally, if you struggle with taking in other people’s energy, Heather can teach you effective techniques for creating energetic boundaries.

Julie McCormick – Acupuncturist & Owner of Selby Acupuncture

Julie is one of the first people I met when I moved to the Twin Cities. She is an acupuncturist and has built a team of 8 acupuncturists in two locations (St. Paul & Edina). She specializes in women’s health and fertility, however, the depth of her practice covers all needs such as digestion, sleep, pain, adjunct cancer care and so much more. I always describe Julie as ‘mother earth’. She is loving, grounded, highly intelligent and one of the best acupuncturists in the Twin Cities.

Karen Kurz-Riemer – Homeopath

If I were to start a new career, I would become a homeopath. I love everything about homeopathy. It’s a brilliant art and science. It’s been around hundreds of years, has no side effects and the remedies are made from nature. I’ve used it for years and I’ve experienced an upward spiral of growth. It’s the easiest holistic health practice to take advantage of. Karen is an excellent homeopath and also a kind soul. She has made such a difference in my life and the lives of my clients.

Kevin McCarthy – Somatic Experiencing Therapist

Trauma can be healed and Kevin’s methods for releasing trauma from the body are gentle and effective. He has a presence that is highly attentive, wise, intuitive and skillful. I understand that women (and men too) may shy away from working with a male practitioner, but interestingly enough, it can be part of the healing. Kevin is an adoring father to two young children, a loving partner to his wife Carrie and has very comforting energy to be around. He’s passionate about studying his craft so he can offer excellent results. Exploring old, past hurts can be uncomfortable, but Kevin’s savvy and tenderness with emotions makes the process much easier.

Carrie Miller – Psychotherapist

Choosing a marriage therapist is an important decision and I’m delighted to be able to highly recommend Carrie. She’s highly trained in trauma and attachment and this is often the root cause of couples struggling in their marriage. She’s loving, skilled and will challenge you in all of the right ways. She offers a free consultation. Investing in your relationship is money well spent!

Kris Nourse – Somatic Experiencing Therapist

I feel blessed to know Kris Nourse. She’s passionate about helping people heal in a safe, supportive environment. I will often work with women and men who are not ‘living in their bodies’ and Kris helps them make a more loving connection to their body.  Kris is warm, engaging and highly intuitive. She is trained in somatic experiencing and the Rosen Method. If you have stuck feelings weighing you down in life, Kris is an excellent guide to help you get in touch with these feelings in your body so that they can be safely released. Trauma and stuck feelings are stored in the body so having a guide to help you release them is invaluable.

Lori Dufresne – Shiatsu Massage Therapist

Lori’s massages are my favorite monthly holistic health appointment! She offers shiatsu massage which is based in Chinese medicine which means it not only feels wonderful, but it supports healing in the body. I find shiatsu is my favorite type of massage. Shiatsu also shifts your mental and emotional state to a calm, grounded presence. Lori has a warm, kind personality and great energy which is so important in a massage therapist.

Paul Fuhrman – Chiropractor

Paul’s model of chiropractic is all about effectiveness, simplicity and value. He offers affordable treatments on a walk-in basis in St. Paul. His office is across from Keg & Case on West 7th Street. Paul is passionate about his work and wants chiropractic care to be available to as many people as possible.

Suzy Levi – Defining You Pilates & Fitness

Suzy, the owner, exudes positive energy and has been empowering people through fitness for over 25 years. She is warm-hearted, sincere and LOVES inspiring people to move their bodies in a fun way. She has created a wonderful community of people at her studio on Snelling Avenue in St. Paul. She offers pilates, yoga, spin and so much more!

Valerie Zumbusch – Thermographer

I’m a fan of thermography. It uses heat to show you the inflammation patterns in your body. All disease begins with inflammation. Valerie brought to my attention that I had intense inflammation running down my neck due to an infected wisdom tooth site that I was completely unaware of. Left untreated, this inflammation would have turned into a disease. I feel grateful she found this inflammation and shared with me how to heal. Thermography finds disease in the body many years before other methods. Thermography results are read by doctors trained in thermography. If possible, ask specifically for Valerie to do your scan.