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Diets are not sustainable, otherwise everyone who has ever dieted would be at their ideal weight. Most diets require quick (stressful) change with no time to transition emotionally into high-quality foods. So, let’s be honest, most people have emotions surrounding their eating habits. Often, people are surprised that their attachment to food is emotionally driven. If food choices were logical instead of emotional, everyone would simply eat the best foods for their body, adjust their portions sizes, find exercise they love and get the results they want. Plus, they would seamlessly continue this lifestyle because they know it best serves their health. However, I have yet to meet someone who can change their food patterns without addressing unmet emotional needs.

Most people discover that emotional support unravels the mystery surrounding the frustration with their “lack of willpower.” Also, they are bewildered about what to incorporate into their meals that is, not only nutritious, but also satisfying. The first step is to bring consciousness into their relationship with food. Food often serves a purpose in their lives, such as avoiding painful feelings like loneliness, unworthiness, and/or shame. You may read this and think,” I’m just lazy. I don’t have any emotional baggage.” However, digging deeper, you might find ‘good’ reasons why it has been difficult to change your eating patterns.

Another angle to consider when exploring why it’s difficult to shift your food choices is the food industry. They have made a science of creating addictive foods to increase their profits. Sugar is a great example; studies have shown it’s as addictive as heroine. However, whole, one ingredient foods from nature combined in a, delicious, health promoting way do not create cravings, in fact, they calm cravings and allow you to feel satisfied.

As a holistic nutrition counselor and licensed therapist, I support each person individually during and after the 4 month program. There is no ‘correct’ pace. The goal is forward movement at a pace that works for your lifestyle. You will not add additional foods until you are emotionally ready. This approach creates sustainable change to your eating habits because you grow emotionally while at the same time changing your food. When you are able heal and release the intense emotional need to comfort and soothe with food, you open the door to freedom and satisfaction with your food choices.

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