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“Searching, hoping, failing. That’s how I came to Maggie. I knew that no matter how many “diet plans” I tried, and there have been many, nothing was going to magically take off extra pounds until I got to the root of WHY I eat the way I eat. I felt empowered in the first session from the sheer fact that Maggie didn’t force me to step on the dreaded scale of shame and hand me a detailed food journal to complete!

Instead, by helping me explore my ties to sugar and emotional eating and by listening to and honoring me as a valuable individual, I began to embrace a healthier approach to feeding my body, mind and spirit. The pounds shed, along with those sabotaging thoughts also shed, upon completion of my months with Maggie are just a piece of the holistic knowledge I embrace and apply to my everyday life. My husband has shed weight and improved his high cholesterol, our teenage daughters have learned to pay attention to how their bodies feel based on how they feed themselves and greens are just a part of our lives! We are grateful to you, Maggie!”

~Kathy, Stillwater

Individual Program

My blood glucose levels had been high for some time. When I was diagnosed as pre-diabetic I decided to take it seriously and get some professional help. I have seen firsthand some of the issues my older relatives with Type 2 Diabetes are dealing with and I want to avoid those issues if I can. I worked with Maggie in a 4 month program. I learned a lot and the structured program helped motivate me to get on track and start cooking again more regularly. I have begun to understand my cravings and to explore alternatives in my diet. The best news is that at my annual physical my blood sugar levels came back in the normal range!”

~Lauren, St. Paul

Individual Program

“I was thrilled with my nutritional coaching from Maggie Christopher. I received guidance on new habits for increasing my vitality and well being. I enjoyed the wonderful recipes that included nourishing and delicious foods that I was missing. After implementing Maggie’s recommendations, I’m experiencing more sustaining energy and a renewed serenity. I accomplish more and I feel terrific when I nurture myself with nutritious foods. I highly recommend Maggie if you’d like the support of an incredible guide as you develop a more life-enhancing relationship with food.”

~Doreen, St. Paul

Individual Program Client

“With Maggie’s guidance, I’ve made incremental changes to my diet by adding food, (not taking it away) and through the group program I lost 9 pounds – even though my main goal was simply to eat better, not lose weight. More importantly, I now have the knowledge to make healthier choices, and the skills needed to maintain the healthy lifestyle I’ve begun to develop.”

~Joe, St. Paul

Group Program Client

“I’ve spent years trying to improve my health through diet. I was experimenting with one canned eating program after another and becoming more and more frustrated with the lack of results. Working with Maggie I’ve discovered the importance of creating my own plan. I’m learning to celebrate who I am and, as a result, I am healing my body and my spirit.”

Tara, Wadsworth, Ohio

Individual Program Client

“When I asked Maggie to counsel me on nutrition, I was hoping to lose a few pounds and learn the best foods to eat. I already exercised daily and tried to eat healthy. But with all the different information out there, I was becoming increasingly confused about what to eat. I told Maggie, I didn’t know what to buy when I go to the grocery store. Now, I am confident, and the best part is, I can skip most of the aisles of processed, chemical laden, artificial junk food, and just buy healthy, whole foods. I have also found that I am saving money on my grocery bill by not buying prepackaged convenience items.

I have learned so much in such a short period of time. I thought I was eating pretty healthy, but there were some surprises. I was eating a lot of processed whole grains like: whole grain bread, cereal, and crackers. Sounds good right? After all, they are whole grains. Maggie taught me to eat unprocessed whole grains like brown rice, quinoa, millet, oat groats, etc. I also found I feel better eating less meat, and more beans and legumes. I have learned how to cook different grains and new ways to prepare greens.

Maggie’s holistic approach focuses on all areas of your life (not just food), and how they are interconnected. Instead of a rigid diet plan, Maggie has you eat intuitively by listening to your body. Also, by focusing on adding nutritious foods to your diet instead of taking away foods, you don’t feel deprived. The recommended reading has also been invaluable to me.

I lost seven pounds in 2 months, learned how to eat better and listen to my body, and learned to love and accept myself more. Maggie’s program has helped me and will continue to help me in so many ways. Thank you Maggie!”

~Renee, Bradenton, FL

Individual Program Client

“I used to think if a product said “diet,” then it was a good healthy choice. I thought high (animal) protein was optimal and any source of carbs, outside of fruits and vegetables, were “bad foods.” I drank diet soda in place of water and actually thought is was a flavorful, good choice. I did not understand why processed foods weren’t good choices. Almost all my food came from a drive thru, in a can or a box that I’d just microwave to prepare. I often ate in the car and I rushed to eat, never taking time to sit and eat. If I did sit while I ate, I was always doing something else at the same time…computer, reading the newspaper or books. My diet was 95% processed foods that included many chemicals and 5% real food.

It’s only been 4 months and I still have a long way to go, but my food choices have improved through education. I now read labels. I try to choose whole foods over processed foods. I am cooking at home, using fresh, organic ingredients and I make extra to freeze for later meals. I take time and enjoy my meals. I try to think of food as nourishing my body. I try to incorporate some kind of exercise into my daily routine. I am learning to recognize and I try to control my emotional eating patterns. My diet is currently 40% whole and organic food and the other 60% is still improving with better choices all the time. My goal is 90/10.

Maggie was never judgmental or condoning, but upbeat and helpful. She has a wonderful way of teaching in small steps that are easy to incorporate into a busy life. I loved that she would check in with me during the week by the computer. That helped to keep me on track and accountable. She also referred me to someone else for additional help which was very beneficial to me.”

~Sue, White Bear Lake

Individual Program Client

“Before I began working with Maggie, I had two main issues: constant cravings and chronic constipation. I was always hungry and at the same time terribly bloated. Not a good combination. I thought I ate healthy, but couldn’t figure it out. Along came Maggie.

I told myself I’d give it a month to see what happened. Well it didn’t take a month, it took a week. Only one week for me to feel a difference.

After one week my cravings went away. After 2 my bloated stomach started shrinking. After 3 weeks I was a convert. If listening to my body was all it took, I could keep this up.

I worked with Maggie for three months and those 3 months have changed my life…forever! The best part of working with Maggie is that she understands. She doesn’t tell you not to eat something. She doesn’t tell you to only eat certain foods. She helps you find a way to eat that you can live with and that not only feeds your body, it fuels your life.

I now know what works for me and what doesn’t. I know to treat myself well. Not just my body, but my spirit.

Friends have come up to me asking what I’ve done because not only do I look healthy, I look happy. My husband said that I look the best I’ve ever looked. That’s motivation enough to keep it all up! Thanks Maggie!”

~Christine, Boston

Individual Program Client

“My whole life I’ve been on diets; gaining weight, losing weight and NEVER feeling good about myself. My mood coincided with my size. My husband could always tell if I lost a pound or two because I was so happy! He could also tell when I gained a pound or two – because I was depressed and mad at the world. Food restriction was a way of life, but definitely not sustainable. I would restrict then binge – a very viscous circle.

My thoughts began to change once I turned 40. I knew I could not go on this way – I had to find peace. That’s when I received Maggie’s newsletter. Maggie has always been a friend, but for whatever reason I never thought her knowledge could help me – I thought it was for vegetarian or holistic lifestyles.

Meeting with Maggie was something very new for me. I had a specific goal in mind – and that was to find inner peace with myself and my life as a whole. Not focusing on food was very difficult for me, but because of Maggie’s gentle style and understanding, it became a comfortable process.

After meeting with Maggie, I began to understand that food is only a portion of your “life” nutrition. Work, family, exercise and spirituality are enormous contributors to your nutrition. I became more relaxed about food and allowed myself to try new things. I found out that I actually love avocados! I never allowed myself to try them – too fatty (but guess what – you actually need fat!) I even made kale soup! Maggie taught me that you don’t have to be a gourmet cook to eat healthy – fresh ingredients are the key.

Before my sessions with Maggie, I suffered chronic sinus infections (at least one a month). I learned that dairy can be a huge contributor to such infections. Since eliminating most dairy from my diet I haven’t had one sinus infection! I also endured persistent constipation – but after my FIRST WEEK of eating healthy I became regular.

It is no longer a mystery as to why I felt I needed “more” food after eating something empty of nutrients. The reason became clear that eating something with zero value cannot possibly satisfy your needs. My cravings have virtually disappeared. I also became very aware of food ingredients (if you can’t pronounce it – you probably shouldn’t eat it)! Whole foods are the healthiest foods.

I highly recommend Maggie’s services! She is always available to answer questions and so very kind. She never tells you what to do and never ever judges! She helps you find the answer that is right for you.”

~Laura, Ohio

Individual Program Client

“You would think a testimonial coming from Maggie’s husband would be bias, but this is objective, and logical when you think about it. What was totally lost on me before we married over a year ago, was the obvious fact that the fuel, or food that goes into my body impacts the way the body feels, and thus the mind, since they are connected….the affect being not only minutes, but hours and even days after eating. I used to skip breakfast because I wasn’t hungry, and then eat a big Asian lunch somewhere nearby.

But since we married, I became a client by proxy, and I ate the food that Maggie cooked for us. Every ingredient she uses benefits instead of taxes the body. The result is that I have so much more energy that lasts throughout the day. My digestion is nearly perfect after many years of all the symptoms that go along with poor digestion. I had gotten used to them, thinking that simply goes along with being alive, especially when you see all the ads for digestive issues. I notice now that if given the opportunity to eat some junky food that I used to crave, I don’t want it…it would feel like eating a candy bar just after I brushed my teeth. I’m now aware of how my body and mind feel minutes/hours/days after I consume a certain food. It’s a lifestyle change that involved no willpower.

I admit I’m extremely lucky to feel and experience all the benefits of healthy eating, especially when I wasn’t really looking for it. So now I realize after a year that I’m a walking testimonial for eating beneficial foods that taste incredible. It really does work. And Maggie will steer you toward feeling lighter, stronger and more energetic.”

~Eric, St. Paul

Client by Proxy (Maggie’s Husband)