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Your body has LOTS of opinions. ‘She’ (or he) has certain foods she enjoys. She has different types of movement she prefers such as hiking in nature or maybe taking a yoga class. Learning to tune into your unique body is profoundly helpful if you’d like to learn how to take better care of ‘her’.

Many people are angry at their body for not looking a certain way or having more energy. But is it ‘her’ fault or is she doing the best she can with the raw materials that you’re giving her?

It’s valuable to begin to realize that your body does communicate with you all of the time with feelings, health symptoms and moods. A client of mine answered the question, “If your body could talk to you, what would ‘she’ say?” My client gave me permission to share her insightful answer below.

“Sometimes you’re really nice to me and other times you really beat me up. Sometimes you let me rest, recover and just be. Other times you put me into hyper-overdrive with coffee, alcohol and spicy food. I think you’re starting to see me; know that I’m real and living and have feelings. I know you think I’m an inanimate object, so I’m glad you’re starting to think about me more and even talking to me sometimes. I work hard every day to support you. I repair things sometimes with very little to work with. I nurtured two babies and delivered them to you safely. I know we had trouble with baby #2, but I think you see that I still did a good job with him.

I know you’re trying to exercise and lose weight. I have noticed you are sending more nutrient-dense foods down. Sometimes, too, I’ve noticed you don’t overwhelm me with tons of food or drink. I’ve also appreciated the extra water you’ve been sending, I could use more of that.

I’m not mad at you. I love being your home. I get to see and experience so many interesting things. Your heart is the best of all. At times, your heart sends down radiant beams of light, it’s like a beautiful, magical temple in here when that happens. I love when your heart opens up!

One request: if you are able to let me know when you are about to do something like not eat, exercise super hard, get really stressed out, please let us know. It will help me prepare for those periods when I know I’m on my own and will need to keep things going with no extra resources for that period. I am in your corner. I know you are doing important things in the world. Love, Your Body”

I wonder what your body would say if she/he answered this question?

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