Sugar Cravings

Sugar CravingsAre you constantly thinking about sugar and which sweet treat you can eat next? Do you want to make better choices but feel you lack the willpower? Here’s some good news… cravings are logical and once you understand how they’re created, you can begin to eat in a more empowering, health-promoting way.

Would you like to be healthier but can’t imagine eating less sugar and giving up your favorite desserts? It’s ok. It’s understandable that you feel attached to your sugary treats because sugar is serving a purpose in your life. That purpose may be to provide energy, comfort, relaxation or joy. But consider this, what if your cravings were substantially reduced and you were actually comfortable eating less sugar? I help people overcome their sugar addiction by adding in new foods, not by taking food away. These new foods provide the nutrition your body needs which helps relieve sugar cravings.

Until you uncover the reason(s) you’re eating sugar, it can be difficult to make a sustainable change. We’ll explore what emotional role sugar may be playing in your life. Did you know that if you don’t get enough sweetness from life (hugs, relaxation, connection with others, and joy) that you may try to get sweetness from your food? Lifestyle and food choices are intimately connected.

What would your life look like with less sugar? Here are just some of the possible benefits: weight loss, consistent energy levels, clearer thinking, stable blood sugar, better moods, less PMS, a clearer complexion, and more.

The upsides are significant. I struggled for years with intense sugar cravings so I understand the fears and doubts of being able to ease sugar out of your life.

Let’s talk further about how I can help you calm your sugar cravings.