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I’d like to give you a glimpse into a client’s experience while working with me. This client allowed me to anonymously use her email for the purpose of sharing more about this work. Each client’s journey is unique because each person’s relationship with food is unique. This may not be your story, but it will give you a doorway into holistic nutrition therapy. This work is deep, healing and spiritual.

My client’s email………..

“First of all, I read all of Love Warrior (by Glennon Doyle Melton) already and I feel like it’s the food I needed to eat, because I can’t stop thinking about it. Do you have any more books you can recommend to me?

I’m being brave and journaling tonight on why I keep eating foods that don’t make me feel good. I kept asking myself questions like, “What am I afraid to feel?” and “How does the food “help” me? (of course it doesn’t really help). I feel like I need these layers (extra tissue on my body) to protect me because I’m so sensitive. 

But then I got to thinking: my sensitivity is so rare, and I should try to share it with the world instead of hide it from almost everyone. Because the world needs more people like me. And that the painful things (like trying to not eat foods that make me feel icky) are the invitations that Glennon talked about. And answering those invitations means walking through fire. And by walking through the fire, I lose a layer of protection that I just don’t need anymore. Now it’s obvious that every time I walk through the fire, no matter how small, I lose a layer that I don’t need.

I need to think about my layers in a different way now. The layers are not my enemy. They are here because I need them right now. So until I walk through the fire, I need to love the layers and appreciate the layers because they are here until I’m strong enough to walk through the fires.”

My email response to this client…….

“Your insights are profound….they are so profound that I wish I could come up with a stronger world than ‘profound’. 

I’m delighted that Love Warrior resonated with you. I thought it would. You actually don’t need any intellectual knowledge from a book right now. I invite you to soak in this new awareness and keep it VERY close to your heart. It’s easy to step into this space of wisdom and awakening and then get busy with life and lose it. Stay in it by journaling, feeling, and any other way you can think of. It’s that important. It was so brave of you to journal why you’re eating food that does not serve you. Understand everything you can about this pattern. It’s important for you to intimately understand what happens in those moment. Be ‘awake’ in those moments with zero shame. The shame will block your learning. I’m not suggesting you eat sugar on purpose, just be awake the next time an intense craving arises.

Yes, you have a rare, unique gift of sensitivity, feeling and wisdom. And you hide it and aren’t quite sure how to be with it. That’s ok, Life will show you as you grow. I can’t remember if I shared this with you or not, but Heather Roan-Robbins (located 2 minutes from my office) is an amazing astrologer, intuitive and spiritual coach. In just a couple of sessions, she teaches sensitive people how to protect their energy and have energetic boundaries with others. It would be an amazing gift to yourself. Here’s her online booking if and when it feels right for you. She’s a lovely, gifted woman and her prices are fair.

Yes, every time you choose to feel an uncomfortable feeling versus eat low-quality food, it is literally like walking into the fire. And what I know about you that you don’t know yet is that you’re way more powerful than you realize. You have what it takes to walk through the emotional fires. And keep in mind, Life is only asking you to walk through one ring of fire in any moment. You don’t have to do more than that. And when you do, be SOOOO proud of yourself. Make it a BIG deal. Your brain has a story about how difficult walking through the fire will be, but I invite you to drop that story and notice what the experience is actually like. Please know that any type of layered change (quality, quantity or taking a pause) is ‘walking through the fire.’

I LOVED how you realized that the layers are here to help you until you don’t need them anymore. You don’t need to go to war with them. In fact, it would be nice if you’d thank them for being there until you were ready to walk through the fire.

Also, I want to comment on the world needing your gifts. YES!!!! Life is asking you to grow because the planet is at a critical time. It needs people to be the Light and heal themselves. Those who are ‘awake’ to their gifts are desperately needed right now. And please know that healing yourself is the most profound action you can do to heal the world, because if you think about it, nobody can do the healing work for you. That’s why it’s so important for us all to do our own work. That is what heals the world.

Also, I do have a book recommendation for you if you didn’t buy it already. Life Changing Foods by Anthony Williams. It’s amazing and VERY motivating. It makes you want to eat fruits and vegetables because he explains the amazing healing properties in them.

Stay in this awareness and insight. You knocked it out of the park!” 


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