Women of Wellness Support Group

Small Group Breakout at Women of Wellness Meeting

Small Group Breakout at Women of Wellness Meeting

Harvard conducted a study that revealed the number one factor that determined success in changing eating habits was ‘getting support’. My 4-month program offers step-by-step knowledge and support around upgrading the way you nourish yourself. Additionally, I offer follow-up support after an individual program to help you stay accountable and continue on your journey of wellness.

New in 2014 is a community called ‘Women of Wellness’ which is women who are on a journey of nourishment and self-care. This group is FREE to anyone who has worked with me as of February 2014. Currently there are 80+ members (and growing!) in this community of like-minded women! Scroll to the end of this page to see the meeting dates and details.

Here is what this group offers. I lead 5 structured meetings a year where you have the opportunity to share with the group your successes and challenges around eating well and caring for yourself. I provide support by delving deeper on a particular topic. During these meetings you also have the opportunity to meet in small groups to discuss a topic.

At our last meeting we had 24 women and the energy in the room was amazing. Women allowed themselves to be vulnerable in this safe space and they shared from their heart. It’s lovely to watch the healing that happens in the room when they learn that others are struggling with the exact same challenge around food.

In addition to the 5 structured meetings a year, there are 5 social events! These events are planned and led by a group member and serve the purpose of providing a fun way to connect with others on a similar journey. The activities range from meeting at a coffee shop for conversation, to indulging in the beautiful springtime sights and smells of the Como Conservatory, to getting in nature and enjoying apple picking, making your own fermented foods and supporting the cause at Feed My Starving Children. A common struggle that I hear in my work is women who feel lonely and isolated. They want to add to their circle of friends and do fun things but have trouble meeting like-minded women. This group provides this type of engaging ‘nourishment’.

The Women of Wellness group has a Facebook page so that the women can share and connect even when we are not meeting in person. The women enjoy sharing a success, connecting when they are struggling or sharing a new delicious recipe. This Facebook page is private and has the highest level of security. So once you’ve signed up for an individual program, you can email me and ask to be added to this group. Also, it’s important to know that your level of participation is completely up to you. There is no required participation. You can engage in the group at a level that feels right for you.

I look forward to seeing you at the next event!

2017 Women of Wellness Meeting Details

We meet at Organic Chiropractic, which is located on West 7th Street just two minutes from my office. The meetings are held on Friday evenings from 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm. The meeting is organized with me speaking on a new topic, followed by members sharing how they are doing and wrapping up with some small group sharing. If you are a current or past client (or a new client waiting to start), and you feel shy about attending, know that you can pass during the sharing portion of the meeting. It’s a warm, kind group of women who are supportive and motivated to grow.

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