Maggie Christopher's Office

My programs and nutritional counseling is unique in that they provide the step-by-step knowledge, emotional support and recipes to step into a healthier lifestyle. I spent 16 years in a corporate job working with high-level, talented leaders which gave me the knowledge on how to create a successful client experience. My programs are comprehensive and thoughtfully organized with clear, uniquely tailored action steps after each session.

My two years of training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City gave me the unique knowledge and perspective on what creates vibrant health. My nutrition training also gave me the counseling skills to help people uncover the reasons they make specific food choices. I learned from some of the top holistic practitioners in the country such as Dr. Andrew Weil, Deepak Chopra, Walter Willett (head of nutrition for Harvard University), Paul Pitchford, Geneen Roth and so many more.

What I teach my clients about food and lifestyle is what I apply to my own life. I sincerely ‘walk the talk’ of what I teach. I find it’s the only way to really connect with others and understand their struggles around food. I always say ‘If eating well were easy, we’d all just do it!’

If you’re ready for the best support you’ve ever received around nutrition, your health and lifestyle, read further to understand which program might be right for you. And keep in mind, your first session is always free.

Individual Counseling, Group Program